“Meet the Illustrator” Day for Catholic Schools Week 2019

Katie loves to speak about illustration, creativity, and finding God in all things. She is available to lead retreats, creativity workshops, and days of reflection for adults, as well as “Meet the Illustrator” book events at schools. Please email Katie at katiemitchellbroussard@gmail.com for more information.

Most requested topics:

Creating a Children’s Book: Behind the Scenes of Audacious Ignatius

What’s it like to make a children’s book? In this interactive presentation, Katie explains the steps of the process. This presentation can be tailored to a kid or adult audience.

That’s Audacious, Ignatius! St. Ignatius’s Life Story and Ignatian Spirituality

How many times have you heard the story of St. Ignatius’s life? Whether your answer is zero or one hundred, join us to discuss how this story informs our understanding of Ignatian spirituality. We will use the picture book Audacious Ignatius as a starting point to delve deeper into the Spiritual Exercises, the practice of Ignatian contemplation, and listening for God in your heart’s desire.

Curiosity, Creativity and Conquering Artistic Fear

You know you’re curious about doing something creative with your free time. But how do you find the courage to go from curious to creative? Katie Broussard shares how coloring and painting with her children led her down a path to becoming a children’s book illustrator! Katie shares about finding the courage to be a beginner in the world of art, and how dabbling with watercolors eventually led to the book Audacious Ignatius!

Praying the Examen with Young Children

Bring your preschool or early elementary school child for an interactive event for parents and kids about praying the examen together. We’ll read a fun story about St. Ignatius, learn what it means to pray the examen, and make a craft project you can use to guide you through the steps of praying the examen together.

Creativity and the Spiritual Life

Learn how a creative practice can deepen your spiritual life, and some ways you can incorporate art into your prayer. You’ll learn to do a “sketch examen,” and how to find time in your day for creative pursuits.